October 2007 Calling Cards Rating

November 2, 2007 on 2:46 pm | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

Today I want present rating of best calling cards in October’ 07. These phone cards was most in demand from our customers it this month due to lowest calling rates as international as domestic, quality of connection and features that this cards include.

The first calling card as in September was Jupiter refillable phone cards with Permanent PIN option, PIN free access, without expiration date provided by ECC. Jupiter phone cards not have Connection & Maintenance Fee and offer Toll free numbers to USA and Canada. The second place took Simply phone card from NW-IP servoce provider – is a Permanent PIN card with Refill and PIN Free Access feature. Toll Free Access number is accessible from the USA, including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto-Rico, and from Canada as well. Simply calling card provide lowest long distance rates to Australia, Austria, Germany, Israel, Italy, Mexico and other countries. The third card it’s new international calling cards – Golden Lotus from NW-IP carriers with cheapest overseas rates to calls in India and other South Asia countries.

The best wireless plan in October was Boost-mobile airtime card.


Full rating best calling cards in October’ 07

Rating Phone Cards
1 Jupiter
2 Simply
3 Golden Lotus
4 PennyBoss
5 Continental
6 AT&T
7 Saturn
8 Mozart
9 Cheap Call
11 CheapStreet
12 Champion
13 Bizon-new
14 Tiger
15 Cardinal
17 FastWorld
18 Lucky Minutes
19 Partner-New
20 RoyalCall
20 Chopin



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