The world of Phone Cards

October 28, 2007 on 6:33 am | In Calling cards | 1 Comment

A phone card is a small cash voucher which replaces the Modern Day “Credit Card” and is used for the payment of the telephone services. Currently the most popular type of a Phone Card is a “Prepaid Card”.

A Prepaid Phone Card has a Scratch off panel and a series of a “I-PIN”, this I-PIN or the Prepaid Card has a storage value of the liquid money which has replaced the classical “Public Pay Phone” system.

The Phone card (or calling cards) also has validity and a value limit. Once either of them expires, they require a refill or a recharge; these recharges determine the next best value storage limit and the validity of your phone.

Since, a phone provides the liquidity of carrying cash, the popularity of this instrument has captured a international market. The most famous phone card brands across the Globe include AT&T, Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, Vodafone, Orange while the other’s usually depends on the availability of the substitutes in the country.

Though with the growth of the Globalize world, several overseas provider have crossed borders to capture the Phone Card demands all over the world, this includes the recent takeover of the Hutch network by Vodafone in India. These global transactions not only give customer’s more liquidity but also provide quality contents.

Even when the market today is full of a bountiful of phone card brands, yet here’s some quick tips on choosing the best Phone card for yourself -

  • Rate of the calls – should be constant throughout the validity of the Card.
  • Additional fees or taxes.
  • Availability of a Customer Care Service
  • Expiry Date of the Card
  • Goodwill of the Company.
  • Guarantee of the retailer/merchant.

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