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October 24, 2007 on 2:55 pm | In Telecommunication services | 1 Comment

Telecom refers to the term Telecommunication. The global definition of telecom came into existence when the Business felt a need of communication as an effective way to reduce cost and increase the output. This changing trend in the business world led to the addition of a new term “Telecom”.

With the changes in research, there has been a change in the Telecom Industry as well. Today the telecom services has been influenced by some new terms such as VOIP, Conference Calling, Web Calling, and Web Conference. The addition of all these new words has changed the way we think about telecom as a mode of communication.

VOIP also known as a “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a medium of telecommunication through which a communication channel is established between two computers using a Internet network. VOIP is used to communicate between people of different geographical boundaries. 

Another such medium of telecommunication is the emergence of the Conference Calling or Call conferencing. A conference call is referred to a call, wherein more then 2 Speakers can participate and exchange words. This provisional feature allows several people to participate and share their own view points.

Web Calling is a recent addition to the Telecom Service. A Web Call helps the user to make a Computer enabled call, almost everywhere in the globe. The charges usually depend on the cyber law, distance and the service charges of the countries. 

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