Prepaid Cell Phone Cards

October 10, 2007 on 1:22 pm | In Cell phones | 2 Comments

For as many brands of cell phones there are just as many carriers and with all of the confusion surrounding cell phones and their plans, more and more people have been drawn to the ease as well as the affordability of pre paid cell phones.

Essentially you purchase your phone and you buy what they call pre-paid cellular cards. They kind of are the same as a credit card for your phone. You pay a certain amount of money, say $25 and receive 120 minutes (more or less depending cost and provider) of talk time. Traditional cell phones will tack on charges they never tell you about when you sign the contract and will get you for $60 a month for X amount of minutes but if you want to text, you will lose those minutes or just be charged over and above your monthly payment.

The main advantage to the cheap prepaid cell phone cards is the money that you will save when you’ve been attached to a long-term contract or expensive phone services. Prepaid cell phone cards give you no contracts and no monthly payments. You can re-charge your card as you like and can really control your spending habits.

The cards are very simple to use. Once you choose which cheap prepaid cell phone card to use, you call the number on the back, use the included pin, and a few moments later you are free to use as much as you like up to the time you purchased


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