3 skype phone video

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Yesterday I write about new handset 3 skype phone offering you free mobile-to-mobile calling using Skype service. Today I want present video this device that will available on 2 Nov ‘07.

3 Skypephone – new mobile for free phone calls

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Recently you don’t need a computer to make free calls anymore. Skype present new device 3 skypephone – this handset has been developed in partnership with the mobile operator 3.

It’s stylish device with 3G, a 2-megapixel camera, mp3 player, mobile TV and internet.


You can choose black or white colours of phone, with blue or pink trim.

This handset allow users to make free calls to other Skype users, if they’ll have 3 Skypephone  too, you can all speak mobile-to-mobile for free but it can’t make Skype In or Skype Out calls so you will still need to carry a normal cellphone around as well.

It’s service will be starting in the UK on the 2 Nov ’07 and will be coming soon in Australia, Italy, Hong Kong, Denmark, Sweden, Austria and Republic of Ireland.

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The world of Phone Cards

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A phone card is a small cash voucher which replaces the Modern Day “Credit Card” and is used for the payment of the telephone services. Currently the most popular type of a Phone Card is a “Prepaid Card”.

A Prepaid Phone Card has a Scratch off panel and a series of a “I-PIN”, this I-PIN or the Prepaid Card has a storage value of the liquid money which has replaced the classical “Public Pay Phone” system.

The Phone card (or calling cards) also has validity and a value limit. Once either of them expires, they require a refill or a recharge; these recharges determine the next best value storage limit and the validity of your phone.

Since, a phone provides the liquidity of carrying cash, the popularity of this instrument has captured a international market. The most famous phone card brands across the Globe include AT&T, Sprint, Cingular, Verizon, Vodafone, Orange while the other’s usually depends on the availability of the substitutes in the country.

Though with the growth of the Globalize world, several overseas provider have crossed borders to capture the Phone Card demands all over the world, this includes the recent takeover of the Hutch network by Vodafone in India. These global transactions not only give customer’s more liquidity but also provide quality contents.

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Telecommunication services

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Telecom refers to the term Telecommunication. The global definition of telecom came into existence when the Business felt a need of communication as an effective way to reduce cost and increase the output. This changing trend in the business world led to the addition of a new term “Telecom”.

With the changes in research, there has been a change in the Telecom Industry as well. Today the telecom services has been influenced by some new terms such as VOIP, Conference Calling, Web Calling, and Web Conference. The addition of all these new words has changed the way we think about telecom as a mode of communication.

VOIP also known as a “Voice over Internet Protocol” is a medium of telecommunication through which a communication channel is established between two computers using a Internet network. VOIP is used to communicate between people of different geographical boundaries. 

Another such medium of telecommunication is the emergence of the Conference Calling or Call conferencing. A conference call is referred to a call, wherein more then 2 Speakers can participate and exchange words. This provisional feature allows several people to participate and share their own view points.

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Local TV channels for free may coming to your cell phone

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The local TV channels on your living-room set may soon make their way to — where else? — your mobile phone. And it may not cost you a dime.

Local broadcasters are quietly planning to beam the stations to cell phones, video iPods, in-car DVD players and other gadgets that would be equipped with TV tuners. The high-quality digital broadcasts likely would start after the transition to digital TV ends in 2009.

The new effort could pump fresh life into local broadcast stations that have steadily lost viewers to cable TV, the Web and mobile phones.

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Calling Cards Rates Drop

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A 11 year old calling card company that is selling a phone card every 4 seconds in the US alone, Comfi.com, has announced a release of a “must have” online prepaid phone card that is more than three times cheaper, than other well-known brands. The card is designed to save 66% of the money for foreign workers, international students, travelers and those in the military, when calling to or from the US, India, Canada and China.

Boston, MA (PRWEB) October 17, 2007 — Having one’s family abroad and not being able to talk to them often must be frustrating. However, that’s how most foreign workers, international students, travelers and those in the military feel. Knowing how it is important to stay in touch with the family, Comfi.com released the Lucky Minutes online phone card that is three times cheaper, than others.

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GlobalTalks phone card

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Our new phone cards is Global Talks provided by IDTE carrier

globaltalks calling card

Global Talks very useful calling cards for travelers because have cheap international rates to many countries with Local acces and Toll free numbers and support multilingual customer service. This phone card have not connection, maintenance fees and any service taxes & surcharges. But  roaming charge may be incurred for calls made from your cell phone if you make international calls. So better check it with your wireless service provider and buy local SIM card for abroad calls.
Full dialing instructions and list of local access numbers to 47 countries, calling rates, and other details  you can find on
Global Talks calling cards page.

September 2007 Calling cards rating

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Our site offer you new September 2007 customer calling cards rating with lowest interstate rates, high connection and voice quality. The best calling cards in September was Jupiter Permanent PIN calling card  Provided by ECC have Refill feature, PIN Free Access option and No Expiration Date, PennyBoss refillable phone card by NTC carrire provides PIN free access and permanent PIN with refill option. Low calling rates to many countries with high quality connection. Local and Toll Free Access numbers are available for PennyBoss card. Third card is a Continental calling card provides high quality of connections and cheapest rates for many destinations. This card include many telecom features as Conference calling, VoIP, WebCall, SMS refill and etc services provided by NW-IP. Best mobile phone cards in September became Cingular wireless.

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Prepaid Cell Phone Cards

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For as many brands of cell phones there are just as many carriers and with all of the confusion surrounding cell phones and their plans, more and more people have been drawn to the ease as well as the affordability of pre paid cell phones.

Essentially you purchase your phone and you buy what they call pre-paid cellular cards. They kind of are the same as a credit card for your phone. You pay a certain amount of money, say $25 and receive 120 minutes (more or less depending cost and provider) of talk time. Traditional cell phones will tack on charges they never tell you about when you sign the contract and will get you for $60 a month for X amount of minutes but if you want to text, you will lose those minutes or just be charged over and above your monthly payment.

The main advantage to the cheap prepaid cell phone cards is the money that you will save when you’ve been attached to a long-term contract or expensive phone services. Prepaid cell phone cards give you no contracts and no monthly payments. You can re-charge your card as you like and can really control your spending habits.

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Affiliate program

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If you have a website and want earn some money – affiliate programs best way for you. Now there are many affiliate programs but we offering you join to telecommunication companies and buy online phone cards for international and domestic calling, cell phones, calling plans, voip and other telecom solutions.

There are three way of affiliate marketing:
1. Text link ads main provider is Google AdSense you receive money when users click on ads.
2. Referral program – you receive money if people purchase any thing or service from your site
3. Own shop – create your own shop on your domain with different site templates and export tools for customize shop

You can find affiliate program use search engines or join to special site as cj.com. On DMNews blog posted great article about new tool for better affiliate linking with cj.com

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