Conference calling

September 25, 2007 on 2:06 pm | In Telecommunication services | No Comments

Conference calling it is a phone calls in that the caller want to have more than one called person. The conference calls allow the called side as talk during the conference as only listens into the call and cannot speak. Usually conference calling started by call originator that dial service phone number provided by telecommunication carriers and when prompted, enter the conference and security codes. Other participants can join to the conference call by dialing service telephone number and conference code. Most communication providers allow start conference calls immediately between as many people as you need.
Conference calling very popular in business for meeting with partners, clients and communication to employees who working in different locations (regions, countries, continents). The conference calls helped cutting travel costs and allowing workers meeting online for solve variety tasks – You negotiations will be absolutely secure. Recently conference calling used in common with internet conferences where users can see online presentation and other documents.
Paid service of conference calls offer all main telecommunication providers, but you can find companies offering free conference calls mostly of them very good described in Free Conference Calling and Web Collaboration – One Man’s Blog article.

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