Calling cards features

Additional phone services

In last time many producers of calling cards offer many additional phone services besides opportunity simply dials. Offer description of some of them wich provide our company: VoIP or PC-2-Phone, Web&SMS calls, Prepaid conference calls, SMS refill, Redirect to toll-free number, Speed dial, Permanent PIN.

VoIP PC-to-Phone

VoIP technology converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal that travels over the Internet. If you are calling a regular phone number, the signal is then converted back at the other end. VoIP features more advantageous for international calls as exist company provide free VoIP for domestic calls. We provide SIP protocol it is one of the leading VoIP protocols.

SMS calls

SMS Calls - this service to allow you make overseas, long distance and domestic calls from your SMS Message enabled your cellular phone. Just send SMS message from your mobile phone contains the phone number you wish dial. Special system recognizes you and establishes a connection with needs destination.

Web calls

Through Web Calls feature you can make long distance calls anywhere an internet connection is available with rates cheapest comparing with ordinary phone cards. No special hardware and software required. On web interface you browser enter your country codes and phone number, destination country codes and number and get connect immediately. You will talk phone-2-phone, but not your PC.

Conference calls

Conference calls solution allow you start pre paid conference calls in short time with many people as you need around a globe. For start a conference talks dial special phone number, enter the conference and security code. You partners should dial same number and enter the conference code - connection will be instaled. You talks will be absolutely secure.

SMS recharge

SMS rechargeable service get you useful possible - add minutes to you calling card just by send SMS. It's feature help you always stay on connection even start funds on your balance is end.

Redirect to toll-free number

This service allow you have personal toll free numbers. Calls your partners, clients, friends and other person will be redirect to toll-free number. It ideal for business, military personel and family members.

Speed Dial

With Speed dial functions you may call from you regular or cellular phone by pressing two or three keys only. Not need remember long phone numbers - you will have personal phonebook.

Permanent PIN

Permanent PIN is a features available of rechargeable calling cards only - cards allow add more funds to account without the purchase of a new. When you make phone calls your personal identification number is identify automatically - not need keep in mind hard to remember PINs. Try pinless dialing and you otseniete so dignity.

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