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Choice of best calling cards

With this articles you can find out how select phone cards with best calling rates. Now there are hundreds of companies with thousands of affiliates and partner provide callingcards from variety carriers such as ACC, AT&T, CLL, ECC, IDT, IDTE, NTC, NW-IP. We hope our buying guide help you select the right telephone cards. We tell You about main features of calling cards: Fees, Expiration Dates, Calling Rates, Additional Service.

Calling cards buying guides

Calling cards features

Now most providers of calling cards present variety additional features besides opportunity simply dials. Read about useful of them - Permanent (Instant) PINs, Web&SMS calls, Prepaid conference calls solution, Redirect to personal toll free numbers, VoIP, PC-to-Phone service, Speed Dial, Recharge calling cards with SMS.

Read about features of calling cards.

History of calling cards

On last years sales of telephone and calling cards sales experience strong growth all over the world. We want to tell about a history of development this business. Calling cards were invented in Europe in the mid Seventies. Over 11 years it reaches the United States of America. Now, may use a phone card to call in over 185 countries across the world. Most popular this cards for overseas calls due to cheapes calling rates.

Phone cards history

Choice between phone cards and calling plans offer prepaid calling plans solution. Let us attempt what way make phone calls better calling cards or prepaid calling plans better and what advantages and lacks at them is. We hope this article help you make a right choice. We shall consider calls to overseas countries and domestic destinations from flat, street, office, anytime.

What choose Phone cards or Calling plan?